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Use this page to make changes to the view settings for this web site.

You can select from a range of background colour, foreground colour, text colour and text sizes.

You can also change the presentation of the whole site to suit you, including removing or restoring the left hand side menus completely. This will not prevent access to any part of the site, in fact that menu is provided for those who need larger presentation.

Please note that If you hit a button to Select a change, this will set a cookie on your computer with the sole purpose of remembering your selection. If you dont want to permit the use of cookies, dont select a different view.


Text Size Selections:

Html size:

Very Large


Background Choices:

Simple colours




Complementary colours




Shades of grey




Fancy Colour Selections



Colour Selections



or select a combination from the ListBox Menu:


This page was created by Ken Elmer. Last updated: 10 April, 2012