This is our family:

[Too shy] Sue

Granny is Sue, thats sue . elmer @ ntlworld . com. She is a retired civil servant. In her spare time, she helps with work in our church and authors the notices.




[Ken when he had darker hair] Ken

Grandpa is Ken, thats elmer . ken @ gmail . com. Worked with computers at Nottingham Trent University. is now But is now retired. Full Biography In his spare time, he is a deputy Warden of our local Church and author if its web site: Trowell .




[Chris feeling shy] Chris

Our youngest son is Chris, thats chris 1360 @ googlemail . com is now He is an R A F officer and is also a musician. Has a masters degree in engineering from Loughborough.




[Craig] Craig

Our middle son, Craig, thats crag nut @ gmail . com is now He is a 'learning disability' nurse and lives in Carlton, Nottingham.




[Jonathan] Jonathan

Our oldest son, Dr Jonathan Elmer PhD, thats jon p elmer @ googlemail . com is now old. He likes mathematics and music. He is a math lecturer / researcher at Middlesex University and married to Esther - they are parents to Henrietta, as well as Hugo, .




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