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In The Red is a card game that is easy to play, with the chance of the deal being significant yet with subtle twists that are easily used by the skill of the players. If for instance one player is winning, it is quite possible for the others to 'gang up' on him or her and reverse the situation.


and January 04 Craig's 21st Birthday Party

Graduation Craig's from July 05

2006 08 01 Hastings Holiday down South

2006 09 02 Oban Holiday in Scotland

2008 07 21 Craigs second Graduation (for IE only) Degree from July 2008

2008 07 21 Craigs second Graduation (for real web compatible browsers) Degree from July 2008

2008 08 14 Chris Awards Passed his test, Gold DofE and Sergeant from August 2008

2009 10 17 Wedding of JP & EH Elmer The Wedding of the Year!



And some experimental stuff:

Daily Bible Verse

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A newer one from Anglican Communion, 02/02/2011:


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